Chapter 30 Initiations – March 7, 2021

ON MARCH 7, 2021 THERE WAS AN INITIATION of six (6) Brothers at our AHEPA Lodge room of the Cathedral of the Annunciation.

Following the the Divine Liturgy services, several officers and members of Worthington Ch. 30 assembled to perform the initiation ceremony on 6 new initiates. Note that Brother Mike Baglanis, who last year was unable to have his formal initiation due to COVID-19, was included with five new Brothers who had all been through the application / vetting process and whose bio’s are shown further below.

We were also visited by the AHEPA Supreme President, Brother George Horiates and the Executive Director, Brother Basil Mossaidis, who participated in the initiation ceremony as well.

Following the initiation, those attending gathered at the Ikaros Restaurant in Greektown, where a delicious course was served and enjoyed by all.  – with COVID-19 limitations of course.

The new members are:

CHRISTIAN CAZAC: Christian is a 28 yr. old medical graduate from Moldova. He will soon become a doctor in the U.S.A. and loves this country. Christian serves on the altar and is on the Annunciation Parish Council. He loves the outdoors, flying planes, and playing guitar.

JOHN HALL: John is a 47 yr. old Manager of a talent agency in DC, a free-lance jazz pianist, and serves on the altar. He is a father to one daughter, and is also the new manager of the AOC facility.

RON HOGLE: Ron is a 53 yr. old who originally hails from Michigan and is married to Melissa Hogle, who is on the Annunciation Parish Council. He keeps himself busy building foundations for homes and buildings. Ron is an excellent cook and is a big Tom Brady fan.

MATTHEW MADANI: Matthew is the 20 yr. old Godson of Father Constantine (Dean) Moralis. He is the leader of the altar servers. He is studying music in college. He loves skateboarding and playing the guitar.

SEAN SMITH: Sean is the 35 yr. old son-in-law of Ron and Melissa Hogle. He also serves on the altar. He enjoys running marathons, sky diving, and long walks with his wife.

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